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Supporting organizations with our knowledge and expertise to solve complex challenges for prolonged success at an organizational, team, and personal level.

What we do

Entrepreneurs, management, and leaders of medium and large organizations in the automotive, telecommunications, and IT industries consult DeepThink for strategy, innovation, and product portfolio management.

We have over 20 years of experience and actively work together with your organization to implement your digital transformation strategy, innovation processes, and product portfolio.

Transforming into a new future requires more than just a good story. It requires a partner involved throughout the entire process from A to Z so that your strategy gets implemented and delivers tangible results.

Our Team

Maurice Remmé

Founder & Consultant

Jorg Wijnands


Our Partners

Cascade is the provider of the #1 strategy software in the world. This all-in-one solution for strategic planning & execution covers the three main strategy execution aspects: 1. Plan: provides tools to help formulate, structure and distribute your strategy. 2. Manage: effective day-to-day management of the strategic plan components. 3. Track: tracking and correlating the progress of the different plan components and how they contribute to the overall success of the strategy.


RibbonWood Consultancy is an entrepreneurial consultancy agency specialized in sent-in behavioral change. In organizations in which not machines, but mainly people do the work, the behavior of people is of decisive importance. That is why steering the change process based on influencing behavior is the most effective way. With the framework "Change management 10s" RibbonWood is very successful in behavioral change and enables the client organization to increase learning capacity so that it remains after the engagement is finished.

RibbonWood Consultancy