Unleashing Leadership Potential: Navigating the Journey from Product Manager to Product Management Leader in Managed Services

Embark on a transformative journey from Product Manager to Product Management Leader in the managed services industry. This comprehensive blog post provides profound insights and strategies for success. Explore topics such as leadership transformation, essential tools, fostering growth, the power of diversity, strategic vision, collaboration, team performance, building a strong product culture, stakeholder relationships, and future readiness. Chart a course to leadership excellence and ignite an online discussion.

8 tips for getting started with Product Portfolio Management

illustration of portfolio manager guiding the way to growth

Product Portfolio Management (PPM) is a high-stakes process businesses master to manage their product lines. It’s not an easy feat, especially with a plethora of products to tend to at any given moment. Managing these products can be daunting, and executing PPM with precision is crucial to the longevity and prosperity of your business. What […]

How to balance your innovation budget and resources

Dedicating time and resources to innovation for your business is HARD yes – but here’s how we’ll remedy that situation for you Day-to-day business operations require a lot of your attention and resources. It can be the time needed to onboard your clients, provide support, or debug software.  All very valid activities to ensure you […]

How to improve your bottom-line, product development cycle, and go-to-market time.

The following tip will help improve your bottom-line, quality, product development cycle, and go-to-market time.

Traditionally, products were developed to serve a large market segment with a similar need. Every aspect of the product and the supporting services were specifically designed and developed to satisfy the needs of this group of potential customers.

B2B-prijsstrategie├źn in het IT-domein

Prijs is een essentieel onderdeel van marketing en aankoop. Prijs behoort tot de 4 P’s van marketing, ook wel bekend als de marketingmix. Naast plaats, product en promotie is prijsstelling van vitaal belang voor bedrijven die graag succes willen behalen door het perfecte prijsniveau te vinden dat maximale winst en verkoop oplevert.Bedrijven hebben de neiging […]