Cascade Strategy Execution Platform partner

We understand the importance of focused strategy execution for a business to yield results. DeepThink has been helping medium and large organizations turn their plans into strategies and strategies into action. The highly configurable Cascade platform helps you successfully plan, communicate, execute and monitor to keep you focused on the results.


Here’s why the old way is time consuming and ineffective

Organizations use point tools, like spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and reports, that are good for specific tasks. But these solutions have their challenges for effective collaboration to create plans, focus on execution, collect project and task updates, consistently share progress information across your organisation. In some cases even leading to no clarity of plans across departments and lack of accountability in large organizations.

Cascade - The ultimate platform for creating, sharing, and executing your strategy


The Old Way

Disconnected plans, processes and reports with no clear link to main objectives or teams involved.


The Cascade Way!

Your planning, activity, and the result are all living in Cascade for everyone to see, no matter what tools you use!

Plan, Manage and Track

Cascade has everything you need for creating, sharing, executing, and managing your strategy


Develop the strategy model that fits your business. Choose the important elements and use the drag & drop interface to build your own planning template in your own look and feel.

  • Create one plan, or multiple plans collaboratively across teams
  • Define your values, goals, objectives, KPIs, and project structure
  • Align and share your strategy with your team or organization
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Manage all your goals, projects, tasks, and KPIs in one place so you can see everything your organization is working on, executing your strategy. 

  • Manage your projects with Gantt charts, tasks & risk management
  • Manual or automatic tracking through the integration of your favorite apps
  • Send and receive automated notifications & reminders for your projects or tasks


Create beautiful action-oriented strategy dashboards & reports and track your progress. Share with anyone, both inside and outside the organization.

  • Build your own strategy dashboards using the highly customizable widgets
  • Create detailed snapshot reports with full control over columns, filters, sorting, and more
  • Track strategic alignment and measure engagement at a team and individual level
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Cascade Product Tour

See the intuitive Cascade platform in action. Watch how Cascade makes planning, managing, and tracking simple and efficient.

DeepThink, the Cascade Certified Partner in The Netherlands

As a Certified Partner of Cascade, DeepThink can assist you in setting up Cascade, onboarding your organization, and provide ongoing support.

We are happy to guide you through the complete strategic process or support you in other strategic areas.

cascade certified partner