Business Sparring & Coaching

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Why Business Sparring & Coaching?

Whether you are an established or transitioning leader, entrepreneur, or product manager, you will find that it can be quite lonely or advantageous when it comes down to sharing your ideas and challenges about a new initiative, venture, product, or service with peers in the field.

How we can help

Business Sparring

If the previous sounds familiar, our Sparring & Coaching services can help you out. We have sparred with multiple entrepreneurs, leaders, and product managers about a broad range of topics to validate and troubleshoot, amongst others, their vision, strategy, product plan, pricing model, and innovation roadmap or helping them out in the decision-making processes. Our sparring partners have extensive experience and track record in the Telecommunication, IT, and Automotive industry, ensuring higher quality that benefits your organization, employees, products, or yourself.

Business Coaching

When the topics are more personal in nature, our coaching services will help you put action behind your goals based on your desires and wishes. Coaching enables you to see new opportunities and ideas and find resources to handle a challenging situation or in the unfortunate event when your manager has no time for mentoring.



One-on-One Business Sparring & Coaching

Our Sparring & Coaching includes a co-created plan of action for what you want to focus on, and check-in calls/ (virtual)meetings to provide you with specific strategies, tactics, activities, and insights for success. Services can be delivered remotely or in-person on location in The Netherlands, respecting the Covid-19 safety requirements.

Conversations are based on your wishes and questions and are 100% confidential (including NDA) unless agreed otherwise.


With over 40 years of combined work experience, we have gained broad experience and a deep understanding of how organizations, systems, processes, finance, and people work. Both national and international, in diverse industries and organizations with P&L and business unit responsibility.


We have a background in marketing, economics with added professional development in other domains like information security, information technology, digital strategy, strategy, foresight, marketing, communications, partners, and eco-systems.


Our experience of success and failure working as an employee, entrepreneur, or with clients has heavingly contributed to our vision and understanding of overcoming challenges and achieving great results.


While every business and individual is different and unique, we believe a structured approach is crucial for a successful outcome. Applying our PITS (Partnering, Insights, Tools, Structure) method, we will balance achieving day to day challenges with strategic objectives.

Engagement options

We are used to engaging with different organizations, leaders and professionals. To make things as simple as possible, we offer different engagement and payment options to suit your needs and are always open to discuss a bespoke approach.

We offer One-on-One and Group Business Sparring Packages for fixed periods based on one (1) session per week. Together we will determine our rhythm during our intake/ getting acquainted meeting: the session reoccurrence and duration.


  • - Three (3) months
  • - Six (6) months
  • - Twelve (12) months)
  • - Bespoke.

We offer One-on-One and Group Business Sparring subscriptions based on a committed number of sessions held over 12 months after the subscription period is activated.

Based on your agenda and needs, you can schedule your meeting with your Sparring Partner yourself in our meeting planner.

Maybe you want to try us out first before we engage for a more extended period, or you need just one or a few sessions to spar on a specific topic.

In this case, the Sparring & Coaching Single Sessions are perfect for you, and you can schedule your meeting with your Sparring Partner yourself using our meeting planner.

We support the following payment options:

  • Purchase Order
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
The difference between sparring and coaching

The difference between sparring and coaching

At DeepThink, we provide business sparring and -coaching services for entrepreneurs, business- and product leaders. Coaching and sparring have gained a growing interest in

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