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Develop adaptive strategies to prolonge success in a dynamic world.



Strategic plans define the long-term direction, focus areas, strategic objectives, projects, and priorities to ensure short-term returns that realize long-term strategic goals.

DeepThink helps organizations with their strategic management and planning processes to make better decisions and execute them. We do this by understanding a client’s internal capabilities, understanding the changing market conditions, developing a shared vision, and defining aspirational and executable goals. DeepThink employs a proprietary strategy execution platform, through our partnership with Cascade Strategy, to continuously plan, manage, and track the progress of the strategic plans and boost execution.

  • Fresh outside-in market perspective
  • Aligned vision, strategy, and plans throughout the organization
  • Inspires teamwork
  • High-level goals linked to strategy execution
  • Strategy execution management platform


A healthy business with continued growth requires a solid strategic plan and disciplined execution. A business without a well-laid-out strategic plan can find itself being disrupted or struggling to recover in times of crisis. However, developing a strategic plan, in general, isn’t considered the most glamorous thing about running a business and requires time from executives, visionaries, and employees. Traditionally the result is a static plan largely unknown in the organization and becomes obsolete after a short period. These issues are driven by:
No clear “Big Picture”

The lack of a well-defined compelling North Star leads to a loss of focus in strategy execution as investments in initiatives are not automatically linked to the organizational goals, leading to a lower return on investment. 

Lack of  alignment

Focus on day-to-day operations and siloed departmental views cause issues in the context of the “big picture,” aligning all department goals into a single corporate strategy, prioritization, and collaboration conflict. 

Imbalance between Run and Change

Organizations fail to balance the Run and Change initiatives leading to too much focus on keeping the business afloat or innovation and growth. Additionally, this can result in employees lacking motivation and feeling underappreciated when day-to-day operations are not equally important to the North Star.

No measurements or KPIs

Strategic objectives lack the leading and lagging key performance indicators to track and measure progress and impact created over time.

Inadequate formulation of goals and objectives
Focus areas are plentiful, too vague, lengthy, and hard to remember. Objectives are not aspirational, concise, and SMART, leading to employees not knowing what they are working on and losing oversight.
Inadequate Translation of Market Conditions

Organizations focus too much on the short-term market developments, not considering and not anticipating potentially disruptive long-term implications of external factors.

No transparency and low engagement

Employees have no clear idea how they contribute to the plan or, far worse, have no clue about the strategic plan, its strategic focus areas, objectives, and the progress towards achieving the overall goals.


Our Capabilities

DeepThink actively works together with organizations, their teams, and employees in creating successful strategies:
Environmental Analysis

Build an understanding of the external environment to determine the potential impact of the competitive landscape, trends, and technological advances to adapt the plan appropriately.

Harmonize Purpose

Establish a shared understanding and aligned view of the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Identify Focus Areas

Identify different focus areas to attain the organization’s vision statement to drive value and ensure its continued success in the future.

Develop Strategic Objectives

Define aspiring objectives that define precisely what the organization wants to achieve in the specific focus areas to achieve the shared vision.

Establish Metrics

Select effective and meaningful leading and lagging Key Performance Indicators  (KPIs) that align with the organizations’ strategic objectives.

Determine High-Level Initiatives

Define the transformational programs, large projects, and innovation areas central to achieving the strategic vision.

Analyze Organizational Competencies

Establish an understanding of the available capabilities and competencies and those required necessary to execute the strategy and compete effectively.


I've worked closely with Maurice on both commercial accounts as well as product development projects. The added value he brings to the table is his analytical skill to make complexity transparent to the people involved. At all times he will have a clear overview of the situation and a clear road to the finish. Furthermore, he's an integer and knowledgeable...

- CEO and founder Service area: Product Development

Go to Maurice if you need a sharp and swift execution to bring your product portfolio strategy two levels up. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maurice in the complex area of B2B Telco portfolio rationalization and future proof innovation. I’m missing his drive and humor. He made complex portfolio strategies look so simple. The best strategies always are.

- Strategy Manager | Digital Transformation Lead | Innovation Lead Service area: Strategy & Product Portfolio Management

Maurice has been consulting with us on strategic and tactical levels within the domain of portfolio and product management. He brings broad in-depth knowledge and many highly useful methods and tools, helping us create a strategy and actionable insights. It led to a new organizational framework based on industry best practices forming the blueprint in taking our organization to the next digital maturity level, increasing our efficiency and effectiveness. Maurice is a very professional person to work with and highly enjoyable in, for instance, workshops.

- Strategist and Business Developer Service area: Strategy & Product Portfolio Management

Maurice worked for the product management department for over one year. In that time, I experienced a true professional who is capable of interpreting national and international trends and translating these into a clear vision and strategy for the transformation of the KPN Security product portfolio. His knowledge about the Security domain is extensive, and he can provide an overview of this complex area in comprehendible slides...

- Manager Product Management Security Service area: Product Portfolio Management

....Maurice possesses deep analytical, strategic foresight and clear vision development skills, sees through complexity and can translate that well to other audiences. Maurice is a coaching manager, working on the basis of trust to get tangible results...

- Business development & Intelligence, analytics translator Service area: Strategy Consulting, Ad-Interim Management

... Working with Maurice accelerated my learning curve and seniority as a product manager. He is an interesting and inspiring sparring partner, that is also great to discuss my career ambitions with. He proves to be a strong analytical thinker with extensive experience in product management, business strategy, and security.

- Product Manager Service area: Product Management, Business Sparring & Coaching


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